Young Hoosiers overwhelmingly oppose HJR-3

YoungFBPoll after poll has shown that nearly everywhere you look in Indiana, Hoosiers oppose HJR-3 and adding divisive language to our constitution that would permanently ban protections for same-sex couples and their families. But nowhere is the opposition to this anti-freedom amendment more visible than among young voters.

In a poll commissioned¬†late last year, 83% of Hoosiers under 30 believe that gay and lesbian couples should have some form of legal protections — whether that be marriage, domestic partnerships, or civil unions. That means the proposed second sentence of HJR-3 — which was removed in the House but would ban all forms of protections for same-sex couples — is vastly out of line with the values of young Hoosier voters.

As members of the Senate prepare for a likely vote on Thursday, and proponents of the freedom-limiting amendment scramble to rush HJR-3 to the ballot this November, we’re more committed than ever to making sure lawmakers hear from the majority of Hoosiers — and the overwhelmingly supermajority of young voters — who wholeheartedly oppose the hostile second sentence.

CLICK HERE to urge your Senator to vote NO on HJR-3 and oppose any attempt to revive the second sentence.