Freedom Indiana launches Moms for Freedom

Freedom Indiana is excited to announce a new addition to our campaign to defeat HJR-6–Moms for Freedom! We know that so many Hoosier moms understand the importance of protecting all Indiana families from discrimination. That’s why they’re speaking up to defeat HJR-6.

Annette & Matthew, Ft. Lauderdale, February 1979

HJR-6, if passed, will strip any and all protections from same-sex couples and their families. Moms from all over Indiana are coming together to speak out against this harmful amendment, and to encourage others to do what is right for Hoosier families. Moms for Freedom are taking a stand again the anti-family amendment, and drawing attention to the other negative consequences of HJR-6.

 “HJR-6 seeks to roll back progress and take away our citizens’ rights, that affects our economic base and it positions us poorly in the national perception. If you care about protecting your home’s value, then you should be focused on protecting the economic base of your state,” Leah Jackman-Wheitner, Mom for Freedom, said. “Taking away rights is not a way to protect or improve Indiana’s economic base. HJR-6 is a message of intolerance. If Indiana passes this amendment, we are on the wrong side of history.”

Annette Gross, another featured Mom for Freedom, highlights how HJR-6 negates our famous Hoosier Hospitality.

“When I think of ‘Hoosier hospitality’ I take it to mean that the people of Indiana welcome everyone to their state with open arms. An amendment such as HJR-6 is certainly not hospitable. It sends the message that the people and government of Indiana think less of one group of people,” Annette said.

Freedom Indiana campaign manager, Megan Robertson, is proud to welcome Moms for Freedom into our coalition of local organizations, business and faith leaders that are dedicated to defeating HJR-6.  Featuring these important family voices is a vital step in ensuring that HJR-6 is not passed, and to inspire families everywhere to speak out.

“These five moms — and countless more parents who support our organization — put a personal face on consequences of permanently amending our Constitution to exclude certain Hoosiers,” Megan said. ”We know the amendment will harm our economy. We know it sends the wrong message. But we want to make sure people understand that the folks most hurt by this amendment are caring, loving Hoosiers whose lives and families will be negatively affected.”

Freedom Indiana is happy to elevate the voices of concerned moms across Indiana. See what they have to say about their families and HJR-6, and join the coalition of Moms for Freedom.