Indiana University joins the coalition to defeat HJR-6

Indiana University today announced that it has joined many of the state’s leading businesses and organizations as a member of Freedom Indiana, a bipartisan grassroots campaign launched this summer to oppose amending the state Constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. The amendment, HJR-6, goes against the values and attitudes Indiana prides itself on, and IU knows that defeating this amendment is necessary to keeping Indiana a warm and welcoming state for all families.


“Freedom Indiana’s goals are consistent with Indiana University’s longstanding and deeply held commitment to diversity and equality that serves as a foundation for our educational mission,” said IU President Michael A. McRobbie. “Furthermore, HJR6 sends a powerfully negative message to prospective employees of Indiana as a place to live and work that is not welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. As a major employer in the state, IU competes with universities and companies around the world for the very best talent, and HJR6 would needlessly add challenges to our ability to attract employees to our campuses around the state.”

Indiana University understands that HJR-6 would discourage potential employees from wanting to make Indiana their home, which inhibits Indiana’s ability to remain competitive and appealing to future hires. IU joins many other prominent employers throughout the state to come forward and denounce HJR-6, including Cummins Inc., Eli Lilly Co. and recently, the Indy Chamber of Commerce. Freedom Indiana leaders added that having the state’s largest university – as well another of its largest employers – as part of its coalition will significantly strengthen the force of its message to lawmakers who will consider HJR6 during the upcoming legislative session. Indiana University’s Faculty Council also supports President McRobbie’s decision to stand against HJR-6 and endorse Freedom Indiana.

“We’re fighting to protect our Constitution and make sure everyone who calls or wants to call our great state home feels welcome here,” said Freedom Indiana campaign manager Megan Robertson. “Having one of our state’s largest universities join the coalition opposing HJR-6 sends a strong message that we want our state to be an inviting place to study, live and work.”

Freedom Indiana is proud to welcome Indiana University to our growing list of prominent Hoosier employers that are dedicated to defeating HJR-6. We know that with the continued support of the community and it’s leaders, we will be able to preserve freedom for all Hoosier families.

“We are proud to stand with some of Indiana’s most respected employers and organizations on the side of diversity and respect,” McRobbie said. “The university looks forward to lending a strong voice in ensuring that the state’s Constitution is not altered to codify an intolerance that is not representative of the best of Hoosier values.”

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