IT’S OFFICIAL: HJR-3 will not be on the ballot in 2014

Historic-AmendedBy Megan Robertson, Campaign Manager

Good news: the Senate just voted for the third and final time to pass the House-amended version of HJR-3.

While we wish the Senate had voted down this harmful amendment altogether there are two things we can celebrate about this outcome: The version of HJR-3 the Senate just passed doesn’t contain the especially harmful second sentence, and HJR-3 won’t be on the ballot this November.

These are real victories, and they are yours.

While HJR-3 won’t be on the ballot this November, it can — and likely will — still be brought up for future debate in the legislature. So, we need supporters like you to stay engaged and stay involved.

Last year, when we started this campaign, people said this amendment was a foregone conclusion. Some people thought we were starting a fight we couldn’t possibly win.

But, I always knew we could do it. I knew we could do it because of supporters like you, and because of the amazing, diverse coalition we built including every kind of Hoosier you can imagine.

We all joined together to stand up to this harmful, divisive amendment and to protect something all of us hold dear: The true definition of Hoosier hospitality.

Now, thanks to you and all the work you’ve done, we’ve spared Indiana a statewide vote on HJR-3 this year.

I hope you’ll take a moment to think about everything we’ve accomplished together, and I hope I can count on your future support when efforts to revive this amendment come in the future — and I’m certain they will.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I look forward to working with you again to stand up for liberty for all Hoosiers whenever it is threatened.

Megan Robertson
Campaign Manager