Big step forward: House amends HJR-3 to remove second sentence!

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The House just approved an amendment to HJR-3 that strips the anti-freedom amendment of the second sentence, which would ban all protections for gay & lesbian families. With a vote count of 52 in favor and 43 against, the amendment passed through the house floor.

Today’s vote bolsters the case supporters like you have helped us make all along: HJR-3 is a flawed bill and it has dangerous consequences for thousands of Hoosier families. The second sentence of HJR-3 would have far-reaching ramifications for gay and lesbian Hoosiers who just want to protect their families.

Because HJR-3 was amended, even if the Senate approves this version of the bill,  HJR-3 would still have to pass in the 2016 legislative session before reaching the ballot.

We are incredibly grateful to members of the House — Democrats and Republicans — who did the right thing today by striking down this deeply-flawed and harmful clause.

But we haven’t won yet. HJR-3 is still alive, and in order to ensure that it stays off the ballot — or at the very least, that the second sentence stays removed — we have to work harder than ever in the Senate, starting right now.

Help carry this momentum to the Senate. Email your Senator now and tell them Hoosiers want to see this legislation defeated.