Anti-Freedom Amendment HJR-6 now known as HJR-3


The Indiana General Assembly is back in session this week — and we wanted to be sure to update you on a change to the anti-freedom amendment.

The proposed constitutional amendment, formerly known as HJR-6, was amended this morning and will now be referred to as HJR-3 in this current session.

HJR-3, formerly known as HJR-6, is the same anti-freedom proposed amendment and the harmful content of the bill has not changed. HJR-3 would amend Indiana’s constitution to permanently ban any and all protections for same-sex couples and their families.

“Supporters of the amendment seem to finally understand that the language they want to permanently insert into our state’s founding document is deeply flawed,” said Campaign Manager Megan Robertson. ”Unfortunately, instead of addressing the amendment’s defects through proper channels, they’re trying to sidestep and obfuscate the process by introducing a bill they think explains away the potential harm to Hoosier families. The bill is as troublesome as the amendment itself, which was renumbered to further confuse Hoosiers.”

We know that Hoosiers still oppose HJR-3, and we are continuing our efforts to stop this amendment from harming Indiana’s families. While the number on the bill has changed, our strategy has not. We are joining together to let our lawmakers know that Hoosiers across our state oppose this hurtful amendment, and are dedicated to protecting liberty for all families.

CLICK HERE to tell your lawmakers to reject HJR-3.