Committee Sends HJR-3 to Full Senate


We are one step away from keeping HJR-3 off the ballot this year. The Senate Rules Committee has approved the House-amended version of the bill, by a vote of 8-4. The bad news is that the House-amended version of HJR-3 now advances to the full Senate floor. On Thursday, the full Senate will vote on HJR-3, and we are meeting at 12:30 at the Statehouse to show our opposition.

We’re disappointed that HJR-3, in any form, advanced today. But because the Senate passed the amended version of HJR-3 — which doesn’t include the especially dangerous second sentence limiting all protections for same-sex couples — this divisive amendment would not appear on the ballot until 2016 at the earliest.

Without the tens of thousands of Hoosiers who have already taken action, there’s no doubt that HJR-3 would have passed as is and now, it would be just one vote away from appearing on the ballot this fall. Instead, we took action and told our lawmakers that Hoosiers believe in liberty — and at the very least — we needed to slow down and have a thoughtful conversation about what this freedom-limiting amendment would mean for Hoosier families.

From the beginning, our campaign has been the under-dog. But together, we’ve achieved so much — so much more than most people expected. We’re proving what’s possible when we work together, across party lines, generations and in every region of the state.

One thing is simple, as HJR-3 moves to the Senate in the coming days, our commitment to stopping this amendment has never been stronger. This is likely our last chance to stop HJR-3. We need you Thursday at the Statehouse for the full Senate vote on HJR-3

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