DePauw University and Wabash College join Freedom Indiana Coalition


DePauw University and Wabash College have announced that they oppose HJR-6, and will join the Freedom Indiana coalition to ensure that the proposed amendment is defeated. In making their announcement, the presidents of DePauw University and Wabash College stated that they are happy to set aside their rivalry to ensure the protection of all Hoosiers alike.

“The rivalry between Wabash and DePauw is longstanding and hard-fought,” said DePauw University President Brian W. Casey and Wabash College President Gregory D. Hess, referring to the Monon Bell football game. “But today we stand together to join this coalition and lend our voice to support this campaign.

DePauw University and Wabash College understand that HJR-6 is harmful to our communities and our families. HJR-6 would also have an impact on the legacy of both schools, by potentially deterring graduates from remaining in Indiana. If HJR-6 were to pass, many employees, students, and alumni of both universities would be effected, and DePauw University and Wabash College are dedicated to ensuring that all Tigers and Little Giants are respected.

“Our students come from around the country and around the world, and our fundamental goal is to educate them to think critically, exercise responsible leadership, communicate effectively, and tackle complex problems,” said President Casey and President Hess. “This depends on attracting talented faculty and staff, a task that is made more difficult by the passage of this amendment. We are also engaged in the enterprise of fostering ideas and innovation, a mission which inherently depends on an environment of openness and inclusion that would be compromised should this amendment be enacted.”

DePauw University and Wabash College join the Freedom Indiana coalition following the announcement from another esteemed educational institution, Indiana University. In additional to the top universities in the state joining together to oppose HJR-6, numerous large employers have as well. These employers include Cummins Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company, and the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

Megan Robertson, Campaign Manager for Freedom Indiana, welcomed both schools to our coalition:

“Later this month, these two schools will battle it out on the football field for control of the cherished Monon Bell. Today, though, DePauw and Wabash join together to make sure our state is sending the message that Indiana is a place that welcomes everyone, not a place where we remove protections for certain Hoosiers from our Constitution. We welcome Wabash and DePauw to the Freedom Indiana coalition and look forward to working with them to make sure lawmakers protect our Constitution from this amendment.”

We applaud both universities for their outstanding commitment to preserving protections for same-sex couples and their families. We know that with your support, and the support of our entire coalition, we can defeat HJR-6 and uphold our values of Hoosier hospitality and respect for all.