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Moms for Freedom is a coalition of Hoosier moms who believe we should not amend the Indiana Constitution to define marriage. They come from across our state and represent their children and families in the fight against HJR-3, formerly HJR-6. Five of their stories are shared here. If you’re a mom who believes our Constitution should protect all Hoosiers, please sign your name at the bottom of the page and let Indiana know you’re proud to stand for freedom!

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Leah, Lexi, and Kati Jackman-Wheitner

Moms for Freedom: Leah Jackman-Wheitner

Leah Jackman-Wheitner and her family are active members in their local community. "My husband, Jeff, and I got married 20 years ago in Ohio. When we moved to Columbus, we joined a church that we still attend!” Leah said. “Our oldest daughter, Lexi, is a member of the National Honor Society, and her younger sister, Kati, is also an honor student and loves spending her time with her friends and listening to music. Indiana has been such a great place to raise our family, and we are happy we decided to settle down in Columbus!”
Terri Jett photo

Moms for Freedom: Dr. Terri Jett

Dr. Terri Jett resides in Indianapolis with her daughter. The close family has always been there for each other, and Terri says she plans for it to always be that way. “I will support my daughter always--regardless of who she grows up to become, to love, and to start families with,” Terri said. “I wish Indiana felt the same way.”
The Wyatts

Moms for Freedom: Cathy Wyatt

My name is Cathy Wyatt and I live in Spencer, Indiana. My husband Dan and I share 5 children from our previous marriages. Our 4 oldest children were teenagers when we married and my youngest, Eric was less than two years old. Eric really had little time engaging with his siblings, so his childhood mirrored that of an only child. Dan and I loved and treated all of our children the same and we always support each other decisions.
Annette & Matthew, Ft. Lauderdale, February 1979

Moms for Freedom: Annette Gross

Annette Gross cites her grandparents’ 64 year long, committed marriage as an inspiration for her own life. “I always looked up to their love and their family. I wanted to model my marriage after theirs, and raise my family to be as close as they did,” Annette said. “I think I have done a great job so far, my husband and I have been married for 43 years and have an amazing son together. I am worried that if HJR-3 is passed, our son would not be given the same chance to make a strong family unit of his own.”

Moms for Freedom: Beth Henkel

Beth Henkel resides in Indianapolis with her husband of 32 years, Dan, and their three children. The family loves to practice yoga, enjoy music, and explore their community together. Being a very tight knit family, the Henkel’s were nothing but supportive when their middle daughter, Abby, came out as a lesbian. “I love Abby with all that I am,” Beth said. “I was proud to support her when she came out, and am so happy that her and her partner, Sarah, are such a huge part of my life.”

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