Tell Speaker Bosma: Let the committee decide on HJR-3

unnamedAccording to media reports, Speaker Bosma is considering changing the rules mid-game to advance HJR-3.

NWI Politics reports:

INDIANAPOLIS | House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, may take the extraordinary step of replacing members on the House Judiciary Committee to ensure the marriage amendment wins committee approval and gets a vote by the full House.

“I’ve said one person shouldn’t make the decision; we’ve got to figure out if a couple people ought to make the decision for all Hoosiers,” Bosma said. “The speaker, of course, has the power to move bills and has complete autonomy over committee membership.”

The rules of the Republican-controlled Indiana House authorize the speaker to change a committee’s membership at any time, though Bosma said he’s never done it before to advance legislation, and he only could recall seeing it done once during his 28 years in the House.

“Our rules clearly provide for it,” Bosma said. “Members serve at the pleasure of the speaker.”

At least three of the nine Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are believed to be considering voting with the four committee Democrats against the marriage amendment, which would kill it.

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Since Speaker Bosma is uncertain of the conclusion the committee might reach, he is considering using his power as Speaker to silence these elected officials who represent hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers.

Speaker Bosma needs to hear from you. Contact his office right now and ask him to let our representatives decide for themselves if HJR-3 will be good for our state.

We need your voice today to stop Speaker Bosma from taking this unheard-of step to interfere with a committee vote.

CLICK HERE to call Speaker Bosma and demand the current House Judiciary Committee members remain.