BREAKING: GOP Senator Alting will now vote “no” on HJR-3

AltingBig news to round out the week: Senator Ron Alting — a Republican from Lafayette — announced today that he will vote NO on HJR-3 when it reaches the Senate floor.

In 2011, Senator Alting voted in favor of the anti-freedom constitutional amendment. But Senator Alting says things have changed since his vote in 2011, citing an outpouring of messages and phone calls from his constituents — nearly 10-to-1 in opposition to HJR-3. In an interview with Journal & Courier, Alting explained further:

“The reason is quite clear. My goodness, this vote go-around, compared to years ago, probably is 10-to-1 of my constituents … that are totally against this,” Alting said. “(We’ve been led to) the perception it’s only the young people and the gay and lesbian community that does this. That’s absolutely wrong, I can tell you.

“I have people from all walks of life. … There is no discrimination in the people who say, ‘Ronnie, vote against this. We shouldn’t be doing that.”

Senator Alting also went on to say that he would vote against any attempt to reinsert the particularly hostile second sentence of HJR-3, which was removed in the House. He joins a growing number of Republican lawmakers in both the House and Senate — and a majority of Republican voters statewide — who oppose the amendment.

Thank you, Senator Alting for standing with your constituents, and on the right side of history, by committing to vote NO on HJR-3. We look forward to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him and members of the Senate next week to defeat this amendment once and for all and keep it off the ballot this year.

Watch the video interview from the Journal & Courier below, then read the full story here.

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